Displays the Start Menu On the RUN menu in Windows 7

Using Windows 7, but you are using Windows XP Used! ..
Most People Have difficulty his first time .. when using Windows 7 the first time. We'll find a lot of difference and the other menu display on both the Windows version. "RUN On Windows XP" we can see the display command in the Start Menu it while in Windows 7, we can not see the display command. Karenan it by default, the command RUN (Run Command) did not appear in the Start Menu in Windows 7.

RUN command (Run Command) is in the Start Menu in Windows 7 Will Appear to the right if you read and understand this article below.

Note And Read How to Display the Start Menu RUN in Windows 7 Here is a Quiz that you do not have problems! ..

1. Right click on the Start Menu and then select "Properties" window will appear that "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties", as below.

2. then click the "Customize" so it would appear the "Customize Start Menu" as shown below.

3. in the window, by sliding down, search and find the item "Run Command" and then check the Run Command on the item.

4. continue by pressing OK and then OK again.

5. RUN COMMANDS make sure it appears in the Start Menu.

Image run-command 1

Image run-command 2

6. completed
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