Romney: I'm Already Writing Speech Victory

The U.S. presidential election is underway and while counting the votes showed the two candidates, even President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney neck and neck. However, Romney said, he is intellectually and emotionally convinced will win the White House seats. He also has written 1118 victory speech as he said he would hope to convey on Tuesday (06/11/2012) evening local time.

He divided his campaign team have confidence that radiated publicly for weeks. Although some polls indicate that he had to fight hard to win in a number of important state up for grabs.

"Common sense I feel that we will win this and I have felt it for some time," Romney said in his first comments to reporters aboard his campaign in more than a month. "I just finished writing a victory speech, it's about 1118 words, and I'm sure the speech will change before I finish because I do not share them with family members and friends and my counselor to get their response."

Romney locked in a tight competition with President Barack Obama. He traveled for 11 hours on Tuesday to go to Ohio (states where he must win), as well as to the State of Pennsylvania is dominated Democrats, in which he said that he was shocked to see hundreds of supporters cheered him near airport .

"Very emotional, so get off the plane and see people standing there, we did not tell them that we were coming, we did not let them know when we will arrive. Soon as he saw the people were there, cheering, I very emotional, "said Romney.

"I just do not think (that) we will win by a matter of mathematical, but I also feel it."

Romney, who visited the volunteers and helped a number of attempts at the last minute for their vote, given how the load in an effort to grab a seat lost the White House on Tuesday morning when she saw her name on the ballot when he and his wife, Ann, make a selection in their state Massachusetts. "It was a moment of quiet, very quiet," he said. "We've been working for this for so long and (my name) is on the ballot for president of the United States creates a feeling of emotion, it was a great honor and I hope that I will have the opportunity to serve."

When asked if he was happy with how he and his team campaigned against Obama? Romney replied, "I am very happy, I feel that we have put everything in place. We do not leave anything in the locker 

room, we fought until the end, and I think that is why we will succeed."

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