This Girl That Donating Vital Tool

 Tears accompanied the departure of Laura Greenway. However, the British girl's life was saved three others. For four years, she fought a rare lung disease is difficult to cure. Last medical efforts that can be done to save his life is the installation of an artificial lung in the body of the girl was 18 years old.

"With a success rate of only 20 percent, in fact, the operation fails. Laura had complications that resulted in loss of brain function," said his father, Peter Greenway, 46, told the New York Daily News.

With tears in his eyes, his family finally agreed to finish the torment that plagued her. They allow doctors to withdraw all life support equipment that is still stuck in her body. "All the family decided to say goodbye and turn off the engine. We're all devastated," said Peter.

About a year ago, Laura register as organ donors. He did it because the disease can not be cured conscious and convinced his death was imminent. He did not want to die in vain, because he signed a contract that allowed doctors take organs to another person, after he died.

Good intentions were realized after doctors removed the liver, kidney, and pancreas to help the other three critical patients. "That's something he wants to do, to give and help others have a chance to live. He does not want others to wait in hope as he was," his father said.

Peter still can not forget the last look at her daughter unconscious, 2 September. "She turned to me and said, I had no other choice, I had to try this (operation installation of artificial lungs). Since then, he never wake up again," he said.

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