Video Immoral Spread, Olvido Back From Political Chair

 Video Immoral Spread, Olvido Back From Political Chair
Madrid, Spain A politician, "Olvido Hormigos" Carpio, resigned after a porn video made ??by him are scattered on the website Youtube.

 The video featuring footage Carpio was bermastrubasi without wearing clothes.

Carpio resigned today, after a video nasty spread to social networking. Profiles on Youtube, the video was directly witnessed by 6,500 people.

As reported by the newspaper El Mundo, Thursday (09/06/2012), Carpio call this measure as an attack on privacy. The footage appears online right this morning.

The mother of two children is one of the six politicians Spanish socialist camp from the City of Los Yebenes. The next day, the Council of the City of Los Yebenes will accept the resignation of the woman who was working as a teacher.

In addition to making porn films, Carpio also reportedly distribute the films. But so far, not yet known, who spread the video nasty.

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