Ready to sit on the mass of Malang PDIP Parliament Building

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 Ready to sit on the mass of Malang PDIP Parliament Building, London: At least 2,000 people PDI-P cadres Malang, East Java, on Tuesday (27/3) will go down the road refused to government policies that would raise fuel prices as of 1 April.

Chairman of the Political and Institutional PDIP Priyatmoko Oetomo Malang on Monday (26/3), admitted, masses of cadres and sympathizers PDIP juice that will blend in with the masses of the various elements that depart from outside the stadium Gajayana to Parliament and Malang City Hall. "Our goal with the other elements that have staged a rally in recent weeks, which refused to rising fuel prices," said Priyatmoko who is also Vice Chairman of the Parliament of Malang.

Aspirations that brought the PDIP cadres, said Priyatmoko, not just the instruction of the central leadership, but was born from the bottom of society including the middle to lower. In its action, thousands of PDIP cadres will also be asked for support from Malang Mayor Peni Suparto to convey the aspirations of the people of Malaysia to the central government.

In addition PDIP mass, the mass of the element of Malang Regency People's Movement (Furious) which consists of drivers, farmers, fishermen, laborers and other civil society will also take to the streets and visit the Office of the local parliament.

Furious Oktiono coordinator Herman Hidayat, asserted, the action is purely down to the street people's aspirations and will be delivered in peace. "Our demand is only one, which refused to rising fuel prices and people's representatives can communicate to the central government," he said. If the representatives do not want to hear people's aspirations, he said, then it will occupy the building Malang Regency, even if necessary, the masses will be sleeping in the building representatives. (Ant / ARI)
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