Eight thousand protesters would besiege THIS Jakarta Today

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 Eight thousand protesters would besiege THIS Jakarta Today

Jakarta residents seem to be extra vigilant when leaving for work on Tuesday (27/3). according to information from the police there will be thousands of people who rallied rejected the government's plan to raise fuel prices.

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Police Commissioner Rikwanto, explained that according to data dihimpunnya, there are about 8,000 people consisting of seven elements of society, who will perform the action demonstration in the capital Jakarta. The demonstrators are carrying almost all issues of denial of fuel price increases, and only one element of election-related issue are the Capital City.

"Some elements of the protest activities of student societies, nongovernmental organizations, and labor, most will be done tomorrow (Tuesday, red). Estimated mass reached 8,000 people," said when met at Police Headquarters Rikwanto Metro Jaya, Jakarta, Monday ( 26/3).

Rikwanto also explained that the demonstration will be conducted tomorrow from 09:00 am until late afternoon. They will spread in some of the major points such as the building DPR / MPR, Monas, and the Roundabout Hotel Indonesia (HI).

"They have the coordination to the police. It will be our guard and facilitation hopefully all goes well," said Rikwanto.

Here's a demonstration that the data will be conducted Tuesday (27/3) Metro Jaya Police collected:

A. Indonesia Trade Union Confederation (KSPI) in front of the Presidential Palace. Mass number reached 3,000 people.

2. Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) in Jalan Diponegoro, Central Jakarta. Amount of mass estimated 1,000 people.

3. Confederation of All Indonesian Workers Union (KSPSI) in front of the DPR / MPR and the Hotel Indonesia roundabout. Amount of mass estimated 3,000 people.

4. National Student Consolidation Indonesia (Konami) in front of the Presidential Palace. Mass number estimated 300 people.

5. Communication Students of Eastern Indonesia (Commit) in front of the Presidential Palace. Mass number estimated 300 people.

6. About 100 people will also rallied in the Ministry of SOEs.

7. Around 6000 the Joint Labour will rally in front of the local election office election related Jakarta Jakarta.

Action to secure the massive protests, the police will deploy more than half his army, which reached 22 458 personnel. Of that number as many as 8254 personnel from TNI. Tactical vehicles such as water canon and barracuda are also placed on alert in anticipation of possible unrest.

While the police and the military are stationed, said Rikwanto, do not hold any firearm. They are only equipped with shields and batons to repel the masses. Tear gas was also prepared at any time if unrest peaked.

In the event of riots or mass overflow and cover the roads, the police will do the redirection of traffic flow. However, Rikwanto said the road closure or diversion of traffic flow density is situational view is happening in the field.

"We hope all can keep their mass korlap that are not easily infiltrated by provocateurs who just want to create unrest. We have coordinated with those of yesterday, may no riots happened," added Rikwanto. (Mla)
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