Perpetrators of Murder in the French attacked the Jewish School

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"Toulouse"Three explosions were heard voices outside the shelter building a series of murder suspects in Toulouse, France, on Wednesday (21/3) evening. Flames visible sticking up into the sky near the apartment when the suspect attacked the police operation.

Clashes between police and suspects are known to occur Mohamed Red for nearly 20 hours since Wednesday morning. Red surrounded by elite French commandos personnel, RAID, since at 03:00 local time.

Police arrived on the scene at around 22:00 local time. Then the authorities shut down street lights as a sign that the action will begin.

Police had tried to persuade Mohamed Red surrendered. However, the suspect actually fired at police.

Eventually the police were detonated outside an apartment room in Red. After that, the police managed to catch the red after further negotiations*

Deputy Mayor of Toulouse Jean-Pierre Havrin also confirmed the attack began yesterday. "It will not last for days, due to physical and mental fatigue. All experience with this guy is crazy as they stopped at one point," said Gerard Longuet*

Red, confessed to killing three French soldiers last week and four people at a Jewish school in Toulouse. The goal is to avenge the death of Palestinian children and the result of French involvement in Afghanistan*

Once confirmed, apparently killing seven French nationals, aged 24 years. His actions make security the French tense for several weeks before the presidential election*
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