8 Microsoft Word Shortcuts Maybe You Don’t Know

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"Microsoft Word@ Love it or hate it, almost everyone uses. I have been using so long, I thought I knew everything about it. But I found some super useful shortcuts – hidden tricks and timesavers that make Microsoft Word easier and faster.

A warning for the following tips: different versions of Word may have different commands, so that some of them may not work in your version. That said, here are my top eight shortcuts:

1. Double click and drag*
If you’re like most people, when you want to move a section of text from one place to another, use Control-C to copy and CTRL + V to paste. This is good. It works. But there is a quicker way: Double-click or highlight what you want to move, then just drag the highlight for you where you want to land.

2. Double underline
You know that can affect the text by pressing Ctrl + B to make it bold or Ctrl-U to underline. But if a line of stress is not only strong enough, Control + Shift + D will highlight two. (On a Mac, use Command + Shift + D).

If that does not make your point, you may have to go all CAPS, and I have a shortcut for that too …

3. Change Process*
Instead of rewriting everything possible to change the case or UPPER case to just select the text you want to change, click the button event, and then choose if you want.

4. Add buttons to your toolbar*
Suppose you just tried with direct access # 3, but the button is not the case in your toolbar, do not worry, you can add (and almost any other command). Go to View, Toolbars, Customize Toolbars, commands, scroll to find the command you want – and drag it to the toolbar where you want.

5. Add the date*
How many times a day I write the date? If you do it once, that’s great. Next time, press Alt-Shift-D (or Ctrl + Shift + D on Mac) to add the date automatically.

6. Quick Parts*
This next tip is based on the AutoText function in earlier versions of Word: If you have a paragraph of text that regularly need to add a document – as a warning cliché, or perhaps directions office – have a party quickly. Here’s how:
Select the text you use regularly
Click on the Insert tab
Hit Quick Parts and select “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery”

Now every time you want to insert this piece of text in a document, or a new or old and you’re editing, simply press the Quick Parts. One more click will select that saved the rapid insertion. This trick will even work as a shortcut to add a logo or letterhead"

7. In Sources*
This used to drive me crazy, I copy and paste text from another document or from the Web, so I have to click everywhere to get the font size and style to match the text around my existing document. No more. Here is all you have to do: Select the text does not agree, click Control Area. Done.

8. Customize shortcut toolbar*

Is there a way to get your commands used in the same place, which is to customize the toolbar for quick access. It’s like the center of your desk drawer that has all the things that used to easy access to your site. No organization as well (as the name suggests) quick access. So take the things you like and add them to the toolbar for quick access. Click the little down arrow tab to get to the toolbar Customize the Quick Access drop-down menu: Hit “more” command and add what you use most. You can also place this toolbar below the ribbon, if you prefer to be closer to the document text.
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