Montella will Denies Inter or Napoli Handle

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Catania coach, Vincenzo Montella menapik the news that he will coach Inter Milan or Naples next season. He said the report was only "fantasy football.*

Until recently, the former Sampdoria player is sdauh successfully measukkan Catania to the euro zone in the standings after beating Lazio 1-0. Former Roma coach said he was now just focus on bringing to defend the position of Catania at the standings*

"It's too early to talk about it, because I have a contract with Catania," he said. "For now it's all just fantasy football. It's actually instinctively I must be very happy to Napoli because my family live there.*

Montella said Catania is currently in a very good performance. He also focused to handle it. "We will prove that we deserve to be in this position," Montella said after the game against Lazio. (*

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