Biker Killed After Car Seruduk Containers

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A motorcyclist was killed after ramming a car container that is being pulled to the curb shaft Wajo Bone KM-14, Village Latekko, District Tellu Siattingnge, Bone County, on Monday (3/19/2012) morning*

The death toll in the skull shattered by a car wheel hit the hard part*

Time of the incident, the victim was with two relatives Maman (12) and Selling (21), using a Yamaha motorcycle plates Jupiter WQ 3364.*

Alleged victim spur vehicle at high speed. When going through the car containers to take some road, a car from the opposite direction vehicle berpasasan with the victim.*

Victims who can not keep up his speed, then steer his bike into the car containers, butting up to the car. The death toll at the wheel after hitting a car. As for the two relatives wounded in the face.*

Maman was rushed to hospitals Tenriawaru as unconscious and bleeding from the mouth and head.* Selling while returning to his home because just have bruises.*

*Source: Eastern Tribune*
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