Mexico City's Annual Sex Expo Bigger than Ever

"Mexico City's Annual Sex Expo Bigger than Ever @General Blogspot"

For an entry fee of $ 17, visitors to the sexual exposure this year in Mexico, offers a range of products and entertainment options, including a zoo, where men dressed as women only pretend animals.
Sex and Entertainment Expo, which opens on Wednesday in a shopping center of 27,500 square meters in Mexico City and will continue until Monday, the fifth annual event of its kind

The 2007 event raised over $ 1.4 million in revenue, with 105,000 visitors and this year the fair is expected to attract 110,000 people to earn and $ 1,800,000.

Annual Report Sex Expo in Mexico City is the largest of its kind in Latin America and one of the largest in the world. When the first edition attracted 80,000 visitors in 2004 provoked indignant cries from the Catholic Church and conservative groups. But now the scandal has died.

The success of the exhibition is about "the end of the silence about sexual matters, which saw a healthy process in Mexico in recent years," says sexologist Eusebio Rubio, president of the association since 2005, the World Health sexual.

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