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 Israel just opened the tap water to the Palestinians for 70 hours, every 10 days.Distribution of water by Israel in the West Bank, Palestine, a picture of how inequality is still a scourge in the region. How could I not, the Palestinians have to downsize because of a supply minimal, while the Israelis have abundant water.
Reported the French daily, Le Monde, last week, quoted from the World Crunch, 2.3 million residents of the West Bank should be satisfied with the opening of the tap water for 70 hours every 10 days by the Zionist government. They have flocked to accommodate the water needs for 10 days.
It is conceivable, within 10 hours, they should ensure supplies for drinking, cooking, animals, and watering the plants can be met. If supplies are low, they must be willing to buy water from tank trucks Israeli companies at high prices.
For each cubic meter, they have to pay about 60,000, but the owner of the truck just to buy water for Rp6.000. In the summer, when water means life, things get worse.
"Mekorot, Israel's water company, cut off the supply of water and gave it to Jewish settlers. When we protest, they deny it. Water stays dead for days," said Youssef Dabassi, Targumiya deputy mayor, a city of 20,000 people near Hebron.
Hebron Mayor Khaled Osaily, says that every citizen is only getting 50 liters per day, while every Jewish settlers get more than 400 liters per day.
This issue was discussed in the French parliament. Jean Glavany, a member of parliament said that Israel is implementing apartheid politics in the distribution of water. He explained that about 450,000 Israeli citizens get more water than the millions of Palestinians. It's not fair.
This has led to widespread excavation of ground water by residents of the West Bank. Glavany said, this is considered illegal by Israel. "The wells are dug to bother the Palestinians were systematically destroyed by the Israeli army. In the Middle East, water is not just resources, but can be a weapon," said Glavany
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