450 Women bikini Sets World Record

450 Women bikini Sets World Record

The beach is a paradise of women who want to sunbathe wearing beautiful bikinis. The beach even more fun if the woman's bikini parade was made​​, as happened in Panama Beach City, United States, Tuesday, March 6 yesterday.

As many as 450 women gathered on the coast of Panama to break the Guinness world record for the category 'World's Largest Bikini Parade'. Their efforts not in vain, the record is obtained and this is done for the sake of promoting the coast of Panama.

"This is not something that can be seen every day, is incredible," said Philip Robertson, the jury of Guinness, as quoted from huffingtonpost.com.

Since at 11.30 noon, hundreds of women already meet the coastal areas of Panama. They walked from Harpoon Harry Miller to Pier and back again, about a mile away. The participants seemed enthusiastic, like Karly Quinn. He says he does this is a patriotic move.

"This is the most exciting days of my life, until my tears came out. I'm very proud of the United States," said Karly Quinn.

After the last participant crosses the finish line, Robertson also count the number of participants. He then announced that the record has been solved.

"The previous record, there were 357 participants at the beach bikini parade Surface Paradise, Australia in October 2011, has been solved. I'm so glad there are 450 participants have taken part in this event and managed to break new records for Panama City Beach," he said.
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