Women's End of Life so Crocodile Eats

Women's End of Life so Crocodile Eats
Bangkok: A woman from Thailand who were determined to end her life with depression being alligator bait. 36-year-old woman told her husband she was going to the doctor. In fact, the unnamed woman was also said to visit a tourist attraction crocodile.

Women's End of Life so Crocodile Eats

He reportedly never returned to her home since seeking permission to her husband. He also caught a surveillance camera (CCTV) into a tourist attraction located about 32 kilometers south of Bangkok, Thailand.

Her husband, Ms. Sunai Jisathra said he told the workers of the crocodile farm woman with characteristics that his wife had died in that place. "He may he committed suicide to avoid the problem," said Jisathra.

She admitted she was suffering from depression for a long time. Despite knowing his wife died on the spot, he and his family would not have filed any charges against the farm owners.
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