Urban Jazz Crossover Pukau Thousands of Medan

Urban Jazz Crossover Pukau Thousands of Medan

Tribune reporter reports Medan, Eris Estrada Sembiring

URBAN Jazz was always charm. Endless creations of the Urban Jazz Crossover held Dji Sam Soe Magnum Filter again amaze thousands of Medan.

Imagine, the skill of the singers from various genres are joined together in melodic jazz-themed "Jazz The Way You Like It" last night was classy.

Intan is Soekatja, one of the singers who sang beautifully creation Solo Gesang, jazz style.

Her high-pitched rhythm instruments wrapped in a commandeered Vicki Sianipar, managed to hypnotize thousands of spectators who packed the ballroom of the JW Marriott Hotel Medan, Friday (05/25/2012) since at 19.00 pm.

It is fortunate for the city of Medan, the event Dji Sam Soe Urban Jazz Crossover is the fifth time, was first held in Medan before exploring other cities.

In addition to featuring the tastes of urban music is a blend of blues, jazz, ragtime, and European music, the musicians are challenged to present a blend of change and incredible music.

So no wonder, every year different artists always brought in to hit the jazz lovers in the city of Medan. This time, senior musician Indra and Harvey Danger is go down to show his skills.

In addition a row of other artists, such as Tompi, Intan Soekatjo, Bayu Risa, Millane, Barry Likumahua, Andien, Rieka Roeslan, Kyriz, Didit and Dana.

Their performance was absolutely spectacular stage settings coupled with the high-tech lights nuanced energetic. Tata lightingnya was adjusted to blend jazz and modern-style interactive Sianipar Vicky.

There is also a multimedia visualization and holographic video display mapping with 150 000-watt powered lighting and powerful sound of 60,000 mega watts.

"The first city of Medan, but cool. I never thought by now many are coming tonight," shouted Rieka are immediately greeted by thunderous applause of the audience.

That night vocalist The Groove is a duet with one of the jazz maestro Indonesia, Indra, the song Soldier of Fortune.

Every now and then a duet with Kyriz Yukie invites the audience to be creative with the clapping of hands which adds to the atmosphere became more boisterous.

Thunderous applause strongest when Harvey Danger sang Beautiful which popularized the band Padi. No less, who played piano Indra also sounds so sweet.

"Horas!", Said the man who is famous for his appearance at the end of this quiet.

Not to forget also Tompi with a distinctive voice paired nicely with the crisp sound Bayu Risa. Then came Indra Alive elegant with a game in hand.

Be they the most successful trio suck screaming audience that night. The song Bring Me to Life Evanescence popularized and also a duet with the song hell Bayu Risa Love popularized Java Jive.

"Singing in the field like a return home for me. Though I am not a field," said the man who also works as a doctor, who last night wearing a black suit and sunglasses.

He also briefly played bass rhythm imitating Barry Likumahua with the game in front of his mouth sound mic.

The song "Fireworks" Katy Perry was a cover song Urban Jazz at around 23:00 pm. One by one the singers and musicians appeared on stage boisterous applause which greeted the audience.

All of them sang on stage with lights and fireworks as well as an attractive visual accompaniment the dancer dances. Not to forget, the audience was singing along, waving signs usainya Urban Jazz night. See you next year at the Urban Jazz, Medan!
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