Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 19th April 2012 Written Update !

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 19th April 2012 Written Update !
The show begins with Shyam coming out of the main door and searching for a soap in the plant, it seems the soap is lost. He asks about the soap with ramu kaka did anyone come here and take the soap. Ramu kaka says apart from Anjali only bubbly came.He rushes to Bubbly room, she is about to do some art on soap. Shyam takes the soap and tells her he will bring good soap for art and takes the soap. At Khushi's home Both Khushi and Arnav reaches outisde their house see very good Rangoli made outside. Khushi teases him by making him walk carefully over Rangoli without spoiling. She gives him hand and pulls ...Rabba Mere...
Madhumati welcomes Khushi-Arnav in her own style excited... Arnav feels bit akward when she hugs him...Ma..
brings Aarti and welcomes both .. Khushi snatches the mithia from Arnav's hand as he has SUGAR...After they enter... Arnav sits for BREAKFAST... Khushi, Bua, Ma brings lot of food ... He gets flashback ... what Manorama told Arnav is amazed to see all non spicy food ... Ma says Khushi called and told us you are not fine...Arnav is feeling hot...
Madhumati goes to turn on cooler it makes high sound... Still he is feeling hot... so Madhumati and Ma pushes the cooler near but still the chord is short...So they make Arnav get up and move the dinning table itself near cooler...
Even after moving the table, the cooler is not throwing enough air. So when Madhumati turns the knob it breaks down. At Akash room... Bubbly is drawing something ... Payal tries to help her but she ignores...her and shows her dislike towards her. Manorama enters and adds feul to fire... At breakfast in Khushi's home, Arnav suddenly chokes.

 Khushi teases who is remembering you I am here only... Madhumati says to bring in HAKUWA - GAJAR and LAUKI...without sugar...Arnav says its enough...Ma & Bua is worried whether or not Arnav liked food or not... He goes out to wash hands and sees broken mirror... cheap soap... He is upset... A door bell rings and some nosey neighbour comes home to borrow some milk and check out Arnav... Khushi hands the milk to her and she goes out... Some another neighbour also rings bell to check out Arnav showing some reason...After they go, Khushi says we should officially make Arnav meet all neighbours... Khushi says to herself after Ma & Buaji goes out...WAIT AND WATCH MR. ARNAV... Episode ends PRECAP Buaji & Ma tries to enter to Arnav's room where he is working hard on laptop and feeling very hot... But they are afraid to ask him anything..
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