Navya 20th April 2012 Written - Update!

Navya 20th April 2012 Written Update!
Suganda asks Navya about pallu(veil), Anant says that baba said Navya that she doesn't need of pallu.And They Went,Then baba calls Bua dadi and tells her how plan backfired! and told her every thing and Baba gets angry on Navya..

Bua Dadi says she will come soon and will take care that Navya leaves soon. other side Rama & Navya talks and Navya thanks Rama for all her help...That was Rama's Plan to make sunganda invite Appy,Ritz N Ranvir...Rama Said That She Is feeling Very Bad For Navya and What is Baba Doing Is Not Good...Nice Rama & Navya bondage! Navya the said that she doesn't want to create tension nahin she only, wants happiness.

Rama says ki woh kitni khush kismat hai ki is kalyug mein bhi aisi devrani mili hai! ..Then Phone call comes for Rama, and she excuses herself, says its Shaguns call,and she went from there ,then after sometime Navya was going at rama's room,but Navya overhears Rama talking to a Panditji, Makes her suspicious.she thought that rama said her that was shagun's call, but why she is talking with panditji...

Rama says to panditji that she will meet him next morning! then navya asks Rama what is the problem, Rama says no problem at all...Next Morning
Rama ready to go to meet Panditji., Navya asks her where she is going, Rama says market. Navya asked why then rama said that she is going to bring Sugars,then Navya said then u can send lochan bhayaa for that, but Rama convience her and she went for market...
Otherside Aanat clean shaven!!! Anant plans with Ranbir for some outing.Navya Came there and anant asked for pizza but Navya tries to convince him,by saying that is not good for his health but Anant did ziddi that he wants pizza. Baba again eavesdrops their convo,then he enters there and Baba again convinces Navya to make pizza for him, Navya falls into trap yet again!

Baba goes to Anant and does sweet talk with Anant and tries to make a rift Between Anant And Navya,and then Baba went from There...
Navya overhears Babas convo with Anant,and gets upset,then Navya also went for kitchen Navya tells about pizza kissa to Rama,she said that this is again a wicked plan by Baba..and said that u doesn't want to do wrongly..then plez do with ur way....

Navya comes in the kitchen in a sad mood and Rama asks what happens. Navya tells her that, Anant insists to eat pizza and Baba supports for it. Rama tells her that she is sure that the new plan of Baba will throw Navya from the house. Navya gets worried but suddenly gets an idea. Navya says to Rama to call Sugandha in the kitchen.
Sugandha questions Navya what she is doing in the kitchen and Navya tells that she is cooking pizza for Anant.
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