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 "Three people were killed Pope Egypt Last Respect"

Finally Pope Egyptian tribute, Three Killed
They ran out of breath in the middle of a sea of ​​people who come to the Abbasiya Cathedral in Cairo.**

Their last respects to Pope Coptic Christians of Egypt who died last week, Shenouda III, casualties. Three people were killed, 50 others injured when thousands of pilgrims crowded in the hot weather.***

Reported by Reuters on Sunday, March 18, 2012, the sea of ​​people thronged the streets of Cairo to the Abbasiya Cathedral. Queue snaking in front of the cathedral that make Egypt the traffic paralyzed the capital.

Jostling, some people, especially elderly fainting. Three people who allegedly died due to suffocation. They want to see immediate superiors, known as Coptic figure pro this tolerance.****

The Pope is a former journalist seated on a throne in March Morkos with applied gold crown, red robe and gold sticks his greatness. Inside the cathedral, the congregation could not hold back their tears.*****

"The Pope will be buried two days away, because the preparations were going to do truly great. Funeral was a historic event and will be attended by two million people," said Sheif Doss, head of Egypt's Coptic Association, quoted by CNN. But Doss stressed, he does not want any violence during the funeral.**

According to the Coptic Christian church spokesman, Mark Askuf, Shenouda will be buried at Emba Bishoy monastery in Wadi Natroun on Tuesday, March 20, 2012. This monastery is a place for the funeral of the Coptic Christian leaders in the land of the Pyramids earlier.***

Egypt's Coptic Christian pope, Shenouda III, died at the age of 88 years on Saturday, March 17, 2012. Leaders of some 12 million people of Coptic Christians in Egypt, died from complications of lung cancer and diabetes in older age suffered**
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