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British couples Bob and Lizzie Gibbins has a hobby that is strange. This middle-aged couples sex doll collecting the amount spelled out very much, 240 dolls.

In the latest episode of 'My Crazy Obesession' is shown how the couple through the day with hundreds of sex dolls in their homes.

Unlike most people who use it for sexual pleasure, sex doll about the size of an adult woman is like a friend to Lizzie and Bob. The couple often spend time eating or drinking tea while chatting with the doll dressed like a man.

Where possible, the couple often took several dolls in the garden, shopping or walking around their home in Herefordshire, England.

"I've never made ​​love or had sex with the dolls at all," said Gibbins. Nevertheless Gibbins acknowledged the appearance of the dolls are very perfect.

"That's not what I do. I just took them for a walk," Gibbins said as quoted by the Huffington Post.

The wife receives her husband's unique hobby. Regularly, these couples to bath and change their clothes dolls.

With a puppet for U.S. $ 4,500, or about Rp41 million, the value of 240 dolls estimated at U.S. $ 150,000, or 1.3 billion. Rate equal to the value of homes in the suburbs they live today.
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