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Television news network CNN finally conferred the award "CNN Hero of the Year" in a fighter education for poor children in the Philippines, Efren Peñaflorida. 28-year-old teacher from Cavite City was defeated nine contestants from multiple countries.
Peñaflorida was selected after receiving the most votes, ie 2.75 million votes cast online in seven weeks. The award is given by actress Eva Mendes at the end of the performance "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute" held at the Kodak Theater, Hollywood, United States (U.S.), on Saturday, 21 November 2009.
As quoted by the Philippine media, Philstar, initiating a course of study "Kariton Klassroom" is entitled to the cash of U.S. $ 100,000 (about USD 944.5 million) to continue its mission with the group "Dynamic Teen Company". When entered in the top ten CNN Heroes, Peñaflorida has received U.S. $ 25,000.
"Our planet is filled with heroes, young and old, rich and poor, men women with different skin colors, shapes, and sizes. Together we are a large tapestry, "Peñaflorida said in a speech in front of 3,000 attendees.
"Be a hero to the people around you who need you. Serve over your fellow self-serving, and serve with joy, and blessed for having served, "he continued.
While still a child, Peñaflorida often beaten and blackmailed by street thugs in Cavite City. The treatment made her decide to help street children and save them from poverty and ignorance of people around.
Peñaflorida then create a program where she brings books to children in the slums and streets. About 10,000 members of the team which he forms, Dynamic Teen Company, managed to make the 1500 young people become literate. In addition to reading and writing, children are also taught about hygiene.
Dynamic Teen Company then launched an innovative way nicknamed "Kariton Klassroom" (classrooms cart). "Kariton Klassroom" makes the wagon as a place of learning for children in poor areas.
Class wagon is now equipped with teaching aids, blackboards, and folding tables and benches so students can sit and read books in the library of the mini lesson. Books and school purposes were taken using a large plastic bag.
Peñaflorida now works as a teacher at a school in Cavite. But on weekends, he still went on the wagon classes program which has now spread to the corners of the poor of Manila.
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