New fuel version Already on Blackberry App World

New fuel version Already on Blackberry App World
     Now we can invite or invite people to play games with BBM5 or application sharing, so it is no longer limited only to people who install fuel 6.#
     Features "Explore the fuel-Connected Apps" in the presence of this feature, users now can easily find fuel applications or games that are designed to be integrated with the fuel, making it easier and more accurate.#
     In this new fuel, fuel oil users can now easily share or sharing the contents of the application is integrated with the fuel, although people who want to share content does not install these applications on Blackberry#

Please mecobanya by downloading version Latest fuel in the BlackBerry App World.

New fuel version on Blackberry App World. Once present in the Blackberry Beta Zone, now RIM has officially released New fuel at Blackberry App World, so everyone can now enjoy the latest in Blackberrynya Blackberry Messenger, if you are a Blackberry user Keppler, Blackberry Dakota, or the Torch, fuel can be directly downloaded Latest version of 6:01:32 in the App World.#

Here are some new features in BBM v6.0.1.32 this:*
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