Married Before: Apart from Love, Note 5 It is

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 Married Before: Apart from Love, Note 5 It is

%Love in the early days of courtship are a million taste, anyone would be blinded by it. However, upon entering Mahligai marriage, love does not seem sufficient to maintain a harmonious life*

Marriage is the union of two different people, two lives into one, two thoughts into one to realize the dream together. Dream to have a family, the foundation upon which we find comfort and security.

And how everything can change, if you know the destination wedding. Is physically perfect partner can make you happy? Or material that would guarantee the arrival of abundant happiness? The key is only present in the commitment and responsibility*

To build a solid foundation there are some things you should learn from your partner. Some of these are as listed below.

The similarity of family background, ethnicity, race, religion and social strata, into the early foundation building foundation. Gradually learn about your partner's family. And do not teralu fantasy world of fairy tales such as life, in which a prince marrying commoners. May all be true, but it takes hard work for you and your partner. Remember you are not married to one man only, but it is also married with a family*

Have a profession or the same thought pattern, you will not guarantee eternal life. The union of two different characters were instead can also be the secret of success eternity later. This is because, you can exchange thoughts because of the difference, and always learn to understand one another*

Although at the beginning of a beautiful love of married life and maintain the household are not enough to love. Although the feeling of love will change over time, you still have to warm the love that exists. Love is not just romantic behavior, but also a responsibility to look after each other. Love will keep growing as long as you fertilize*

The couple lives
Couples who choose to be a companion in life, not just the status of the husband alone. But it will be your life partner to be a friend and protector*
consider your decision carefully in determining the spouse. One reason alone is not enough
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