For 25 years Sri Purwati enslaved

For 25 years Sri Purwati enslaved@@
 During my work since I was 9 years old, Sri claimed unpaid and often persecuted.
Azan was just before sunset in the city of Medan. Sri Purwati alias-suruk Butet slumped walk, then jumped the fence of a new house they occupy six months in the Village of Kampung Baru, Medan, it is. Sri carrying a plastic crackle dry contains a new shirt from a clothesline in the back of the house and walked to sneak into a prayer room not far from the house.
"Sri came to the prayer room and met Mr. Priest," said the head of the Environmental Village Kampung Baru, Mohammed Fahmi. "He said he escaped with the help of the prospective employer's daughter," he said, when met on Tuesday, March 13, 2012.
The suitor's what makes Sri strengthens his resolve to go from house MR, who had become his master for 25 years. Sang-law gave him 50 thousand and told him to go so MR is on the 3rd floor of his house.
Imam, musala guard, drove straight to the police in Sri February 8, 2012, at 22:00 it. And the sad story of slavery like that experienced by Sri MR since joined the family at the age of 9 years was uncovered.
Migrate from Java
We met the police, the identity of Sri extremely vague. Fortunately, the piece of mind when ever Sri school in a public elementary school in Medan to help search for his identity. Sri born in the village of Jumo, County Waterford, Central Java. His father was Juhari and his mother was Fatima.
Sri remember going to the North Sumatra with his father, mother and one older brother as a volcano erupted in his native village. They participate in the transmigration program to North Sumatra, but forgot where the placement.
Not long in the transmigration area, her father said goodbye back to Java to attend the wedding of his brother. Older brother had taken along. That's the last moment to see his father and brother Sri. "My father disappeared. I still remember the first reason, say you want to party in Java," said Sri.
Sri stayed with her mother in North Sumatra. Soon, in the village of Field, Field, his mother married a married father of four who alone Sri forget his name. Three months later they divorced.
When that was settled in the village of Field, Sri listed on a state primary school.
Because again a widow, mother of Sri selling roasted corn on the Village Field. When selling roasted corn, the mother became acquainted with a man named Sri Aeng who trade in merchandise next to the mother Sri. But apparently it is the initial introduction of the next dark journey to Sri and her mother.
Aeng and her mother to bring Sri brothel 'Maraja Hill' is located in the District Simalungun. Sri was well versed mention the place.
"We were taken to a brothel in Bukit Maraja, that's where the mother employed as prostitutes," said Sri. "I remember when mothers receive visitors, I had to be evacuated to the next room," he said.
However, being a prostitute nor Sri and her mother make life better economically and socially. Sri instead often saw his mother crying.
"I can not imagine the mother is always crying. I recall, last time I felt the love of the mother when I hugged him, and the next day I was reunited with the mother," said Sri. "She disappeared, until now I did not meet her."
Because her mother disappear, Sri arrested pimps who ran the prostitution complex, as collateral. "Finally Aeng also took me out of it and hired a housekeeper by Aeng."
After two months in the exploitation Aeng, before the age of 10 years, Sri eventually became a domestic worker at home MR.
Raped and Tortured
MR Working at home is apparently just went dark episode of his life. Sri had never received a salary of up to 25 years and then run away. At the age of 10 years, twice raped her niece MR.
Other acts of violence is often experienced. Sri frequently abused as abused, even tortured. Meal was rationed. Everyday, he was not allowed to interact with people around. Access to the outside of the house was closed by the employer.
Sri has often discouraged with his life. Sri repeatedly attempted suicide. "I never wanted to commit suicide. It is often. Finally, I had cut my veins, but I can still survive," he said while pointing a knife incision in his arm.
Before running away from her employer's house, beaten by Sri MR causing bruises on the face. "I was beaten, so I decided to run away that night, and reported to the police," he said.
Rina Sitompul, Sri Purwati companion, said MR has done acts of violence and slavery. "This treatment is in clear violation of human rights, because the most cruel treatment is not berperikemanusian. Rights for Sri grown and evolved since he was small was taken by his employer, even when he's grown his rights as workers are not given. Cruel," said Rina.
He added, is like the Child Protection Act applies retroactively, then the employer Sri Purwati also be charged under the Act. "We request that the police are not missed to wear layered article to the employer, because in addition to yes Penal Code Act is also subject to domestic violence because there are three forms of violence which is: physical, psychological and economic violence in Sri experienced during the 25 this year, "said Rina.
While MR disappeared from his home. A number of reporters who stayed home could not meet the other family members.
VIVAnews, the village chief Mohammed Fahmi said Fields, a new six-month MR moved into this house. MR previously known to live in Medan Polonia District, another district in Medan. "He's new about 6 months here. To date he has not been reported here since the move. He rarely socialized with the surroundings," said Fahmi. 

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