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For you people with high blood pressure, there are drinks you can consume each day. The effect is to lower blood pressure levels, two to three points.

Black tea, according to research published on January 23, 2012 and then in the Archives of Internal Medicine, if consumed in the long run can reduce blood pressure. The conclusion was? drawn based on a study of 95 people, men and women, who were divided into two groups.

For six months, the first group, three cups of black tea per day. Meanwhile, the second group, drinking beverages containing caffeine and tastes like tea. Both of these groups in the same age range and weight is not much different.

On average, systolic blood pressure ( the top ranking in a blood pressure reading ) them, is between 115 and 150, at the beginning of the study. At the end? of the study, as reported by the NY Daily News, respondents who drank black tea, sistoliknya blood pressure level was reduced two to three points within 24 hours.

Properties in black tea, it helps keep the endothelial cells around blood vessels in good health. Cell dysfunction is an early indicator of changes in blood pressure. Research by a team of researchers from Greece, also found similar effects in green tea.

The content of flavonoids in tea are thought to enhance the work of blood vessels, as well as reducing weight and abdominal fat. So, you can consume black tea and green tea in turn, by lowering blood pressure and maintain weight.
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