Bali in Hit tornado killed 2 people

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Appeal Meteorological and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) for Bali residents wary of wind rain accompanied by lightning apparently TEBUKTI. Saturday night March 17, 2012, almost half of the island of Bali hit by heavy rains accompanied by strong winds and lightning snapped grabbing. Rain fell at approximately 22:45 pm.
Operasinal Disaster Control Centre (Pusdalops PB) Bali Province directly monitor the situation on the ground.
Anto, a resident of the City of London claimed to fear the weather situation that occurred approximately one hour. "The wind was terrible," he said.
Tornado that raged almost in most parts of Bali led to hundreds of homes damaged and trees uprooted. This tornado also left two people killed by roof bale gong (gong gamelan storage room) when she was praying at the Temple of Water Citrus, Sukawati, Gianyar.
Victims killed by a falling bale was named I Ketut gong tones from Pakuwudan and I Ketut Sumarna origin Sukawati, Gianyar. At that time, the victims along with five others in the Water Temple Oranges. At around 22:40 PM strong winds accompanied by torrential rains hit the region. "At that time there were about six people were praying at the temple," said Wayan, one of the victims' families who met at RS Yadnya Darma.
Then when strong winds and heavy rain occurs, gong bale roof suddenly collapsed and hit a crowd of people who are Tangkil in this temple. Fatalities, serious injuries Ketut tone in the head because it struck the roof bale gong and immediately died on the spot. Meanwhile, one other I Ketut Marna victim suffered a broken leg and was unconscious. I Ketut Dana victim was taken to hospital Ganesha, Gianyar and the other I Ketut Sumarna victim was treated at the hospital Yadnya Darma, London and died after receiving treatment.
When the roof collapsed roof bale both direct hit gong, while five others managed to escape. "It was the second victim was with a direct hit by a roof bale and a gong. Five others have survived," said Wayan. observation, but in Gianyar, hurricanes also devastated the city of Denpasar. Recorded a dozen points suffered severe damage from the roof of a house destroyed by the fall of the tree.
In Agung Tresna Jalan Cok, Denpasar right in front of the TVRI, a large tree fell and across the road. As a result, the flow at Jalan Cok Agung Tresna diverted to other directions. Fallen trees also occur in Jalan Melati, Jalan Danau Tempe and the front of the DPRD Bali in the Renon, Denpasar.
Besides hundreds of roofs are also reported ngelinus flying as the wind raged. Carik Gelogor region, dozens of residents have fled London after the wind blow and damaging roofs. Head of Operational Control Center handling of Management (operational center PB) ProvinsiBali, I Gede Jaya Seratabrana admitted his team was down to the field to inventory the damage and casualties. "The team is down to the field to monitor the situation," said Seratabrana to
Previously Head of Region III BMKG Denpasar, Wayan Suardana Bali appealed to residents to be alert to weather the storm Lan friendly yet happened in the Gulf of Australia.
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