10 causes lazy couple having sex

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 "10 causes lazy couple having sex"

A. the pill
how many women realize decreased sexual desire when taking anti-pregnancy pills or other means*

2. Consuming anti-depressant
not all people experience sexual arousal penurunah indeed, but most women experience when taking anti-depressant*

3. breastfeeding
hormone prolactin (which is released when mothers breastfeed) lose sexual interest. do not be surprised if you choose a wife away from your partner when the baby is breastfeeding*

4. lack of sleep
most women feel sleep sleep is more important than sex*

5. strees
probably due to problems or other important issues in life to make the pressure of living increases, unfortunately, not all women think sex is an effective solution to overcome them*

6. Differences of opinion with spouse
when the 'fight' with most women refuse sex couples before the issue is resolved*

7. Low testosterone hormone
This hormone is responsible for the emergence of sex drive in both men and women*

8. High SHBG hormone
a woman who had levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHGB) tall is likely to experience decreased sexual desire. This is because the combination of free testosterone that makes the libido down.

9. fear of intimacy
inability to handle the level of intimacy with your partner during lovemaking to be the most frequent reason women 'unwilling' to make love*

10. body imaging
women who considered themselves unattractive to the general partner will brazing assumption that deep in his heart, so that adverse munculbody negative image*

number of the above can be solved by reading, soothe the soul and open communication with your partner, while others must be with the help of experts, whether it sexologist or sex therapy*

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