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Irish-American acting star, Olivia Wilde has said that her drama training in Ireland was very instrumental to her success.
First rising to stardom playing the role of Dr. Remy Hadley in medical drama “House”, the 26-year-old has enjoyed continued success.
In an interview recently she said her training in Ireland was an integral part of her success.
“My training in Ireland was very instrumental in my success, and what I learnt most about Irish actors is a sense of humility, and a sense of understanding that this is just a craft,” she told Paul Byrne.
“It''s just what we do, and there's nothing more special about it than anything else. Telling stories though is an important part of our society. So, I'm happy to be among these artists,” she added.
Born to Irish parents and growing up in Washington, Wilde was somewhat sheltered from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.
“I grew up very far from the Hollywood entertainment community, so, it's still kind of a mystery to me. But I like that. I like that I'll always be something of an outsider because I think that coming from a very different world gives me a unique perspective. “
Speaking about her upcoming sci-fi movie, “Tron:Legacy” where she stars alongside Jeff Bridges, the actress admitted she was nervous about the production.
“I think we were all pretty, gosh, nervous going into it, because we were all trying new things for the first time. Every department was really being ambitious. The camera department was using the most evolved advanced 3D camera that had ever been used, a whole generation on from the ones used in Avatar.”
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