5 tips on how to use IOS mirroring Airplay for FaceTime on the iPad

Developers interested in trying IOS 5 'new play mirroring for FaceTime on the iPad 2 and Apple TV? It's a great way to take a personal video calls between family or business associates and make them call the group that everyone can get involved in.
You need to make sure that you have the iPad 2 and Apple TV both in IOS 5 beta 3. If you are a developer, you can grab all the software you need through Apple's developer portal. If you have not joined already, here's how to become a paid member.
Remember, only two iPad could do Mirroring Airplay. You can call your iPad 2 from the iPhone or iPod touch 4 4, but you can not mirror display devices'. IPad 2 display only.
Note: Before you install, make sure you UDIDs registered with Apple. You may not be able to activate your device if you do not correctly registered UDIDs.

- Install IOS 5 beta 3 on the iPad 2 using iTunes 10.5 beta 3.
- Install IOS 5 beta on your Apple TV. You must be tethered to your computer using a USB to micro USB cable. Once again, Xcode is recommended.
- Make sure both devices on the Wi-Fi the same
- Open FaceTime on the iPad 2. (Or, conversely, waiting for someone to contact you at FaceTime)
- Double click the Home button to open the App Switcher Quickly.
- Swipe from left to right to get to the Airplay
- Airplay Press and select the Apple TV as a source.
- Mirroring switch to On
 That's it, you now have FaceTime calls, and can be used, on the big screen!

Remember, you can also mirror the applications and games with IOS 5, so when you end the call FaceTime, the release of Plants vs. Zombies or OmniGraffle and continue to enjoy the pleasure of the big screen.
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